Image credits

Red bus in Piccadilly – David Marcu, CC0

Woman reading map – Sylwia Bartyzel, CC0

Man with bracelet working on laptop – Viktor Hanacek, some rights reserved

Network visualisation – Andreas Köberle, CC BY-NC-SA

Telephone box – David Marcu, CC0

Leeds town hall – Rick Harrison, CC BY-NC-SA

Photo of Michael Ellis – from the MP’s Facebook page

Photo of Iain Duncan-Smith – UK in Spain, CC BY-NC-ND

Night-time road workers – Jens Schott Knudsen, CC BY-NC

David Cameron at Churchill wreath laying January 2015 – UK Parliament, CC BY-NC

Election count – Coventry City Council, CC BY-NC-ND

PoplusCon attendees - Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente, CC BY-NC-SA

Nick Clegg at Lib Dem General Election launch – Liberal Democrats, CC BY-ND

Jeremy Corbyn being interviewed – Éric Spiridigliozzi, CC BY-NC-ND