The year in figures*

* and a tapir

1 Director lost

This year we said goodbye to Tom Steinberg, mySociety’s founder, who, after more than ten years of tireless service, has moved on to pursue new interests. Thanks for shaping who we are, Tom.

1 CEO gained

Welcome aboard, Mark Cridge, our new CEO. Mark brings with him over 20 years of experience in the digital sphere, with particular understanding of political communications.

15,723 Total code commits

Every one of them represents an improvement to one of our online tools.

2,753 Tickets closed

Problems with our sites? Solved. Ideas? Taken on board. Bugs? Squished. SQUELCH Take that, bugs.

11 Core projects worked on

Keeping those plates spinning on our core projects.

6 UK projects we said goodbye to.

But it was all for a good reason.

10 New international sites

We’re ⅓ of the way through our 3 year plan for helping international partners launch impactful sites.

13 Commercial projects

The revenue helps support all our other activities. We’ll work for you, too! Read more on the mySociety Services site.

6 Major pieces of research conducted

How do we know we’re doing the right thing? By researching the heck out of it, that’s how.

2 International events held

Did we see you at TICTeC or AlaveteliCon?

2 Websites on show

FixMyStreet and TheyWorkForYou both feature in the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House.

12 Team meetings

Yes, we work from home, but do occasionally see one another in the flesh.

16 Team member home towns

From St Andrews to Brighton, Peckham to deepest darkest Wales.

Tapirs This year’s in-joke

One Direction are so last year

Hilarious Tapir joke:

Why did the tapir say thank you?

…He didn’t want to appear ungulate-ful.

12.5 Pets owned by staff

Number of times those pets were held up to the screen for fake online conference calls: 2.

We do try to be sensible most of the time, BUT THEIR LITTLE FACES!

Next up: The low-down on our UK sites