They’re pretty busy

And they make a difference to people’s lives


Users across our UK sites.


Pages viewed.


Transactions completed.

That’s one MP looked up, one street problem reported, one FOI request sent, or one representative written to, each minute—every minute—every day for the whole year.


WriteToThem users sent over 190,000 emails to their councillors, MPs or other elected representatives in 2015.

Two weeks later, we ask them if they got a reply, and every year, the results make up our Responsiveness League Table for the previous twelve months.

Most responsive MP

Michael Ellis, Northampton North

Up 7 places from last year

Least responsive MP

Iain Duncan Smith, Chingford and Woodford Dean

Down 5 places from last year

After a winter my street developed a pothole; it would fill with water and was on a bend. I used WriteToThem to ask my councillor about it and the pothole was fixed shortly afterwards. This was a small change in the big scheme of things, but it made me feel much safer when cycling or riding my motorcycle home in the dark.

Stephen Paulger A happy WriteToThem user


TheyWorkForYou helps citizens keep track of what goes on in the UK Parliament and the Scottish Assembly. You can subscribe to email alerts when an MP mentions a specific phrase, as well as seeing how your MP voted on the topics that matter to you.

In 2015, TheyWorkForYou had a brand new spiffy design from head to toe, to make this wealth of information easier to find and navigate. homepage

87,369 Hansard speeches

Published for everyone to see, on TheyWorkForYou in 2015.

34,000 email alerts set up

Curious what your MP gets up to? Get email alerts for free!

0 mentions of tapirs in 2015

Maybe politicians haven’t discovered how awesome tapirs really are?

And we added more voting information, so now you can see really easily exactly how your MP voted on key issues.

We don’t think there’s anywhere else you can see this so clearly online.

Try it out: Does your MP represent you?

An MP’s stance across a variety of topics, on TheyWorkForYou

I recently shared a link on my local Facebook group of around 4,000 people because there were political discussions that I felt were based on gossip and assumption. I feel I can trust TheyWorkForYou to cut through 'spin' and provide me with the information I actually want without bias.

Fiona Wilton A happy TheyWorkForYou user


FixMyStreet makes it easy for UK citizens to report problems in their area – even if they don’t know who is responsible for fixing them.

As well as using the website, you can download our Android and iOS apps to report on the go – even when you don’t have a mobile signal.


Reports sent to 420 councils in 2015 homepage

I am a parish council clerk and always report potholes via FixMyStreet, because it is so much easier to use than the council website. I encourage parishioners to use FixMyStreet by mentioning it in the local newsletter.

Chris Smith A happy FixMyStreet user

The roads near where I live are often used as a dumping ground for old furniture, clothes and bags of rubbish. I can take a photo of the mattress or whatever, upload it with the location, and get it logged all while I walk to catch my train.

Cass Chideock Another happy FixMyStreet user


WhatDoTheyKnow now serves over half a million users each month. This year the site sent 60,492 requests for information, bringing the all-time total up to 305,015.

Not bad going.

Above all, WhatDoTheyKnow is overseen and supported by our tireless group of volunteers: So a massive thanks to them. homepage

Referring to WhatDoTheyKnow gave Positive Action Group (PAG) the backup and confidence to lobby, over a number of years, for a Freedom of Information Act in the Isle of Man. The Act is to be finally implemented on February 1st 2016.

Wilfred Tomlinson A happy WhatDoTheyKnow user

I used WhatDotheyKnow to find out some employment and expenditure information from my local NHS Primary Care Trust. That worked easily and is now publicly available for everyone to see.

James Cummings Another happy WhatDoTheyKnow user

You might have noticed that there was a General Election…

That kept us busy!

With other friendly organisations like Democracy Club, we set up YourNextMP, crowdsourcing information on every candidate for the General Election.

To the best of our knowledge, it was the earliest and most complete dataset to be released.

It was viewed by over a million people, looking to inform their voting choices.

It included contact details and links to social media profiles and was even used by Google in the UK to power a tailored election search.

A constituency page on YourNextMP after the election result had been announced

We added all the new MPs on TheyWorkForYou, in real time.

(We’re still proud of our title for the accompanying blog post).

And we worked for Full Fact, refining their processes to help them check every statement that was put out around the election.

We used TheyWorkForYou data in ‘match to MP’ on PositionDial, our first political matching feature. This led into ‘match to parties and candidates’ for the UK General Election 2015 (named best Voter Advice Application by the Guardian). 43% of young people not intending to vote said using PositionDial made them more likely to do so.

Mariam Cook Founder, PositionDial
Next up: Our work outside the UK